Wela Whip For The Week Of November 9th

6a60ec27e81966ca5c2b32e84e8b10f9 Envy Hugh Jackman or Victoria Secret Models?! We've Got A Deal For You For just $375 an hour you can have the same body as Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and the angels of Vicotria Secret. All of these have one thing common… they train with Michael Olajide, and he has a gym in NYC where he trains. Michael says the most difficult part of training Victoria Secret models is, “keeping bruises and abrasions from them.” Well, if that is the toughest part of a $375/hour job… sign us up!...Read More

To Infinity and Beyond! NASA announced this week that they're taking applications for a new batch of astronauts...their medium for spreading the word? Instagram and Twitter under #BeAnAstronaut. The application period will begin mid-December and run through mid-February. NASA added they are calling for astronauts, "in preparation for our journey to Mars." It looks like Matt Damon won't be the only Martian growing potatoes in space!...Read More

Want a Pension? Be a Lifeguard At least that’s the case in debt-burdened New Jersey. Lifeguards at Atlantic City beaches work four months out of the year. But, if you put in 20 years of work, you get a pension of 50% your salary. The state is now paying anywhere from $850 to $61,000 a year in pensions to lifeguards!! The actors in Baywatch get royalties… the real life Baywatchers get pensions… seems only fair or CRAZY!...Read More

Home Buying Opportunity... in San Francisco? Well, not quite. The median selling price for a San Fran home in September was almost $1.2 million! That represents an 11% price increase from a year ago... however, sales of these pricey abodes were down almost 20%, showing possible signs of weakness in the area's real estate market. The report uses the term "correction" but considering that the median price is about 5x the national median, I don't think they're hurting too bad...Read More