Wela Whip For The Week Of November 2nd

8378048191_9c4fa3ab3d_b-600x450 Let’s Slooooooooooowwwww Things Down That’s what one of the most iconic tech brands is saying - Facebook. Every Tuesday they offer their employees the option to work on 2G internet which, if you don’t remember, is extremely slow. Reason: to help Facebook developers create apps that work well in emerging countries because they still run on 2G. I guess the saying is true…sometimes we must take two steps back to move one step forward… Read More 

A New Perk For Your Bump! The start-up, Domo, is giving expectant mothers a nice employee benefit…$2,000 bucks for maternity wear! In addition to parental leave AND a $1,000 baby bonus (yes, you read that right) for having the new baby, they now offer gift cards to stores like Nordstrom and A Pea in the Pod. Hat’s off to you Domo. Hopefully, more companies will follow suit!... Read More

The Billionaire Secret Revealed No more cartoons and juice boxes… it’s negotiations and stock prices. At least that is what Chris Sacca, the billionaire investor who made money in both Twitter and Uber, believes is necessary for his daughters' future success. Each morning they look at stock prices, and bedtime starts with negotiating how many stories are read. I love what Chris is doing. Stars are aligning… my wife is a hell of a negotiator, so I’ll let her handle bedtime in the future and I’ll just take care of breakfast… perfect!... Read More

The New Fab Five Have Arrived! Meet the new Fab Five: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. These guys are worth nearly $2.2 trillion. Highlighting the fact that nearly every American interacts with at least one, if not all five of these companies, they are expected to post a combined revenue of nearly $600 billion in their next fiscal year. They have more than $406 billion in cash (granted, half of that belongs to Apple) and very little debt. Move over Chris Webber, there’s a new sheriff in town!... Read More