Wela Whip For The Week Of October 26th

5637847279_3acce67b5f_b-600x450 Good To Go With My GoPro That's what customers seem to be saying as GoPro reported their quarterly earnings this past week and saw a 7% decline from the previous year. It turns out that the original GoPro is so good that people aren't clamoring to purchase the latest and greatest one. Good for customers, maybe not great for the company. Now if only Apple would do this...Read More

Republicans Versus CNBC? CNBC hosted the third Republican debate this past week, and instead of the candidates debating between themselves, they instead debated with the network. Some people are blaming the media's need for short sound clips. If that's the case, does it mean that CNBC did it for the Vine?... Read More

Walgreens Has The Rite Aid For Their Business In a $17.2 Billion deal, Walgreens is proposing to buy Rite Aid. They're still waiting for regulatory approval, but if this goes through, their only big competition will be CVS who currently has 58% of the market. This is one more move in a rapidly shifting health-care industry, but it would give the company better leverage when negotiating with drug companies. I guess this will put Walgreens at the corner of happy, healthy and huge... Read More

Cat Ladies Everywhere Rejoiced  Yesterday, Uber celebrated National Cat Day by delivering kittens to users around 50 cities. Users could order a car full of kittens to visit them for 15 minutes of snuggle and play time. The kittens were from local animal shelters and adoptable. We hope all these kittens found the purrrr-fect home... Read More