What The Finance Happens With The Money Behind College Sports!?

twitter-whatthefinancehappenswiththemoneybehindcollegesports-600x380 Eddie is back from his babymoon, and he and Matt are tackling the tough question... what happens with all the money behind college sports? This has been a hot topic recently as this is the first year that student-athletes can get paid.

The guys explore where the money goes right now, and where it will go once colleges have to pay their athletes as well. It's a lot more complicated than you might assume.

Typically there are a few sports programs at each school that might act as cash cows, but what about the many other programs each school typically supports?

Eddie claims that the Final Four brought in more money to Indianapolis than what the Pope brought to his host cities. After further review, though, we found that the Pope did, in fact, generate more tourism dollars (roughly $500 Million) than the Final Four (2015's numbers still aren't official, but future host cities are expected to bring in $50M - $200M). Sorry ,Eddie!