Wela Whip for the week of October 12th

3304685083_da7e7f0ecd_o-600x798 Cover It Up That’s what Playboy is saying, starting March 2016. The iconic magazine is doing away with what made it so iconic… nude pictures. With the proliferation of the internet, what made Playboy so popular is no longer a hot commodity. So, a change is going to be made by the magazine, and the tried and true excuse of why people read Playboy will be tested. “It’s all about the articles, right?!” We will see...Full Article

The Twitter-Sphere Is Shrinking… Well, at least at the corporate offices. This week, CEO Jack Dorsey announced plans to cut 8% of Twitter’s workforce. Dorsey, who co-founded the company, left but was re-named CEO about a week ago. His first order of business, trim the fat in order to move quicker and be more nimble….the stock has traded lower by 20% this year but actually jumped 5% on the news…good news for Twitter lovers, he’s not planning on touching your 140 characters!...Full Article

Own Google for $12 One former Googler actually bought the domain google.com… ever heard of it… for $12. The ownership of the Google domain was actually transferred into his name! Money in the bank! He reported this to Google and within one minute the domain was back to Google. Google did pay this person an undisclosed sum of money. When the former Google domain owner announced they were donating the money, though, Google doubled their payment. That’s a feel good story for you… But I think I would have tried to make Google sweat a little more… heck who knows when or if anyone will have that opportunity again...Full Article

This Bud’s For You! All your favorite beers could be owned under the same roof! Anheuser-Busch has agreed to buy its main rival, Miller for a reported $104 BILLION. Needless to say, this would create the world’s largest brewery with sales over $55B each year. Looking at the combined production last year, the two companies produced 77 billion liters of drinks…since you aren’t buying beer by the liter, it equates to 150 billion pints and comprises 1/3rd of the world’s beer market. The company’s best seller…sorry Miller Lite fans, it’s Bud Light!...Full Article