What The Finance Do The Uber-Wealthy Buy!?

whatthefinancedotheuberwealthybuy-600x600 If you had more money than you can easily spend in a lifetime, what would you buy? Before you start listing things off, remember that the uber-wealthy have access to goods and services that most of us haven't even heard about!

This week, Matt and Ashley (filling in for Eddie who's away on his babymoon) discuss the many toys and services available to those who have three commas in their checking account statement.

The uber-wealthy have access to elite dating servicesĀ and don't have to rely on swiping left or right. There's no 'Netflix and chill' for this crowd.

If they're particularly passionate about a sports team, they can buy it! Why worry about making the team when you can just own the whole thing?

These folks also have access to exclusive services which can whisk them away for luxury treatment at a moments notice... for a price. Don't worry, though, they can afford it.

Take a listen as Matt and Ashley explore the many different purchasing opportunities available to those with deep pockets.