Wela Whip For The Week Of October 5th

10213014926_5b5751320b_k1-600x402Twitter Reveals Your Income ... at least according to a recent study which claims they can identify your income range based on how you Tweet. Do you use a lot of swear words or possibly tweet a bunch of optimistic thoughts? If so, the study suggests you are in the lower-wage range. Higher earners seem to show more fear and anger while they disseminate content rather than communicating with others. So, what’s next, analyzing our food porn Instagram posts and relating the posted food type with our personalities? I’m nervous!...Full Article

Man’s New Best Bud-e? Have you ever been out and wondered how much beer you had left at home? If you’re like most of us, you’ll usually just buy more to be on the safe side. But now, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the owner of Bud Light, is making it easier for beer drinkers to know how much beer they have on hand, when it is cold enough to drink, and where they can find nearby stores to replenish their supply. All thanks to the new Bud-e Fridge, a “smart fridge” that talks directly to your smartphone! Now that’s a technology that creates efficiency!...Full Article

LOL, BRB, TTYL And Now Phub This is the new human language, and "phub" is the latest addition. Phub is short for phone snub. Which leads us to ask, are you phubbing your significant other? Well, a recent study that will be published in the future (January 2016) found that 46% of the respondents felt phubbed by their significant other. This basically means that their counterpart was distracted by their phone…mainly while conversing. And it puts a strain on relationships. In order to not phub your partner, tell your phone TTYL and that you will BRB. Then go get a PSL and start LOLing with your partner, not your phone...Full Article

Siri’s Gettin’ Real Are you curious what Apple is doing with that $200B+ cash pile? We now know! They’ve been on a buying spree and acquired two artificial intelligence companies in a span of four days! One company makes image-recognition technology and the other company helps computers understand human speech. It may seem that Siri has come a long way, but apparently she’s about to grow up rather quickly! OR Self-driving cars may quickly be eclipsed by Siri, your new personal driver!...Full Article