Wela Whip For The Week Of September 28th

Keep Austin Weird 2 Vacay Like A Celeb! Legen - DARY, stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Orson Welles and John Steinbeck left some appealing real estate in their wake, and many smart new buyers have seen the investment opportunity in leaving them relatively untouched. After all, staying in Frank Sinatra's old place may be much more interesting for short-term renters if they can use the original sound system. And who wouldn't want to sleep in Dick Clark's master suite which, for the record, is a replica of the Lincoln Room at the White House? Lookout VRBO, here comes VRB - "celebrity gone on to glory!"...Full Article

That Commercial Costs How Much? The National Football League, AKA, the NFL, is by far the most popular U.S. professional sport. Naturally, it dominates Advertising Age's annual list of the top 10 broadcast TV shows with the most expensive commercial time. When it comes to scripted shows, "Empire" is that category's priciest and the second overall, coming in at HALF A MILLION BUCKS for a 30 second commercial. What is Empire you're probably asking? Well, we're actually not sure either... but it is on FOX and companies are clearly willing to pay for ad space...Full Article

Looking For A Sugar Daddy? If so, your answer may be found in Austin, TX. Based on a new study released by Seeking Arrangement, a site that facilitates the matching of attractive young "sugar babies" with richer "sugar daddies," Austin, Texas, is the "sugar daddy capital" of North America. So depending on which side of the coin you fall on there, it may be a good spot if you're looking to relocate. According to the study, the average sugar daddy spends more than $51,000 a year on his sugar babies and has a net worth of $5.2 million.  As the locals say, let's "Keep Austin Weird"...Full Article

The Answer To Pope Gridlock Blade! That's right, the on-demand chopper company came out with a solution to combat Pope traffic for New Yorkers last week. For $95 bucks, you could hail their crosstown service which zips you from the East Side to the West Side of Manhattan in only 8 minutes. Just enough time for your ab workout! We've featured Blade before, but it was for a $500 helicopter ride to the airport. So if costs keep coming down it looks like the "Uber Copter" is not too far away!...Full Article