Why There Are More Unhappy Retirees Today Than Ever Before

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Matt and Eddie share some scary news. Today there are more unhappy retirees than ever before and a big reason for this might be that there's also more retirees with mortgages than ever before. The guys dig into the reasoning behind this, as well as the calculation you should run to decide if you're ready to pay off your mortgage today. There has been a market first this year, and it's impacting investors' money and mindsets. Matt and Eddie share how it could be impacting you, and how this news ties into a Vanguard study on how financial advisors provide a 3% increase in value to investors' portfolios over time.

The guys then respond to the popular Elite Daily article that says it's irresponsible to have savings while in your 20s. The guys aren't buying it.

Have you ever stopped to ask if the cost of college worth it? Student loans continue to skyrocket while many graduates limp along with their payments. Are the classes really worth it, or should you focus on building your network of contacts? Get the guys take on this here.

Matt and Eddie are tackling these tough topics and more on The Money Revolution By Wela this week. Take a listen!

Part 1

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Part 2

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