Wela Whip For The Week Of September 21st

New York City To Test Cars That Can 'Talk' To Each OtherIn an effort to reduce traffic deaths, congestion, and emissions, New York City will test technology allowing cars to "talk" to one another as part of a connected vehicle pilot program. Tampa, Florida, and the state of Wyoming will also participate in the program which is funded by a $42 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Do you think that the technology will enable to cars to cuss and flip the bird to each other? Those are an important aspect of driving in the Big Apple!...Full Article

Top 1% Of Harvard Grads Richer Than America's 1% Harvard has topped many of the "rich lists" of universities: richest endowment, most billionaire graduates, and richest students. Now, it adds another rich distinction: the largest number of alumni worth $30 million or more. According to a new report, 3,130 of Harvard's alumni are "ultra-high net worth individuals" which means they are worth at least $30 million—the most of any university. That's about 1% of its total graduates. Clearly, one degree is still worth its hefty price tag!...Full Article

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - Literally! This really was the case for one California man named Mike Vegas... what a great name by the way, Mikey Vegas! Mike Vegas ordered pizza and wings from Domino’s, but only had one slice of the pizza before he put the delivery in his refrigerator to eat later. “About 5 a.m., I got home from work and went to my refrigerator and pulled out what I thought were wings,” Vegas told KGO. “It turned out to be 1,300 bucks.” He was honest, though, and returned the money to the delivery man... and as with all good deeds, was rewarded. His reward, free pizza for a year! Hope he has a good workout routine!...Full Article

A New Way to Pay... ...for college! A new startup, Raise.me, has developed a program that allows high school students to start banking college scholarship money. What's the catch? The money is tied to students' individual achievements. The better they do in school, the more engaged they are with their communities, the more money they earn from Raise.me's college partners. The startup has gotten funding from Bill and Melinda Gates as well as Facebook no less... so we think this could have legs. In fact, one student has raised $80K for college on the platform! If you're looking for ways to fund college, this is a no-brainer to check out...Full Article