The Good Financial Habits Of The Invisible Rich

During this week's radio show, Matt and Eddie dive into some actionable steps you can take to join the invisible rich. The invisible rich are the people who drive their 10-year-old car to their beach house on the weekends. These are people who make smart money decisions throughout life, and if you take some of the steps that Matt and Eddie layout, then you can hopefully join them! Here is the full article on the Wealth-Building Secrets of the Millionaire Next Door from Kiplinger.

The guys then have guest Brad McMahon, the Senior Vice President of Digital Services at Unigo, come onto the show and discuss the unique college scholarships that are available to students. If your child loves zombies or perhaps has the funniest stories, then they can apply for a scholarship that's based on their interests and not just their grades. With the ever-rising cost of college, scholarships are an important piece of financial planning when sending your child to college.

The plethora of investment information available to everyone these days can be very helpful, but also confusing when investors are just getting started. ETFs and mutual funds are similar (and popular) investment vehicles for people just getting started with investing, but there are costly differences between them. Matt and Eddie dig into these differences on this week's show. Take a listen to learn these differences, and then read this week's blog which also breaks down these differences.

The guys then wrap things up by taking a closer look at where the terms "bull" and "bear" market originated. The reasoning might surprise you. Take a listen!

Part 1

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Part 2

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