Wela Whip For The Week Of September 14th

From YouTube To Cha-ChingOne YouTube star is seeing her makeup company rake in millions in venture funding. Michelle Phan is a Youtube star and beauty guru who co-founded makeup delivery startup Ipsy. The company just announced they have raised $100 million from venture capital firms. They are competing against companies like Birchbox. I always thought that you had to capture your kids doing something ridiculous to gain popularity on YouTube! ...Full Article

Is A Flying Prius Still Gas Efficient? I guess we just can’t ever say never. A recent report came out that Toyota is studying flying cars and even put in a US patent for an “aerocar.” We've been waiting for the days of hoverboards and flying cars like they had in Back To The Future, and it seems to finally be lining up...Full Article

The Netflix Of Radio Has Emerged But it has been right in front of our eyes for awhile…literally. It has been sitting on our iPhone. Podcasts are finally emerging as a relevant form of media for many people. Adam Carolla estimates he will make $5 million in revenue this year from his podcast alone. The path for podcasting has been anything but smooth, yet seems to be worth the wait. And hey, we have our own called What The Finance Is That… check it out… yes, that was a shameless plug. We love you!...Full Article

Welcome Aboard… You're On The Wrong Plane Well, if it's an American Airlines plane going from California to Hawaii that would be true. The airline made a big boo-boo as it flew an uncertified plane over water which is a no-no in the world of aviation. American Airlines came out and said that it was an accident. Nobody was at risk because of this mistake, thankfully. One consultant called American Airlines one of the most sophisticated airlines in the world… We are still searching for what he was looking at...Full Article