Positive Economic Data Despite Negative Headlines

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Matt and Eddie explore why they believe the media feels the need to remake good financial or economic news into "bad" news. We've all seen the headlines which seem to say that the sky is falling. These Chicken Littles know better than that, though. Planning for retirement isn't always simple, so the guys look at how you can approach your retirement plan like you're training for a marathon. It's about breaking your big plans into more obtainable small goals.

The guys then talk about anĀ article from Daily Finance that inspired them this past week. Everyone wants to put themselves into a better place financially, so Matt and Eddie break down some simple yet brilliant ways to do it.

We have a new segment titled Thrift Shop where Eddie breaks out some unique ways for you to save money. Eddie loves to share a good deal. Be sure to listen as he gives listeners options on saving cash.

There is a difference between investors and traders that many people seem to miss. Sure these groups overlap in some ways, but hear how Matt and Eddie explain the difference between investors like Warren Buffet or Wela compared to day-traders who are more focused on making a quick buck.

Part 1

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Part 2

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