Wela Whip for the week of September 7th

The Breakfast Hits Just Keep On ComingMicky D’s is making breakfast headlines again this week. After announcing that the most important meal of the day would be served ALL DAY, news broke this week that they are switching to cage-free eggs. Considering that their U.S. stores buy 2 billion eggs per year, of which 13 million (or less than 1%) are cage-free, this change will take about 10 years. Cage-free means the birds get to roam freely with unlimited access to food and water…I think I hear hens rejoicing everywhere!...Full Article

Google Looking To Deliver…Apples? Well, yes and no…they’re not looking to sell iPhones or Mac Books, but they are looking to bring Granny Smiths or Red Delicious apples right to your doorstep. In the world of instant gratification, the tech giants are all clamoring for your grocery business. Now Google is looking to launch Google Express to compete with Amazon. Even Uber has been experimenting with fresh food delivery. Pretty soon we’ll have a driverless car delivering fresh foods to our door and nobody, anywhere, will have had to get off the couch!...Full Article

A Down Payment For A House Or The Perfect Espresso Shot? The Slayer, coming in at a whopping $22K, is one of several five-figure espresso machines at the final frontier of coffee elitism. The Slayer, which entered the market in 2009, is the most extreme solution to this high-class problem. It’s also among the most expensive, though similar products from other commercial manufacturers, including La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, and Synesso, now start at more than $17,000. For 99.9% of us out there, it’s safe to say that Starbucks is enough of a splurge!...Full Article

A New Political Party? After The Donald, we weren’t sure how politics could get more entertaining… enter Kanye West who announced last week that he’d run for president in 2020.  And now, John McAfee, the antivirus software mogul who fled Belize after police tried to question him for murder, confirmed that he plans to run for President in 2016. It gets even better…he plans to run under his own party -- the Cyber Party. When asked about The Donald, McAfee said, “If I didn’t enter, he would’ve won.” This reality show/presidential election gets better every week!...Full Article