Wela Whip For The Week Of August 31, 2015

And We Thought Trump Was ExcitingThe 2016 election cycle has already provided fireworks with Trump running wild, but the 2020 election is already shaping up to be Kanye’zy. Well, at least he thinks so. Kanye has announced that he plans to run for president during the 2020 election. This came after a 12-minute speech at the MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend. I wonder who he would pick for his running mate…maybe T-Swift? That money could compete with Trump!...Full Article

McDonalds Cares About your Sleep No more having to be out of bed and to McDonalds before 11 AM on the weekends to get your breakfast. Get your extra Z’s then mosey on over to McDonalds to get your much-desired bacon, egg and cheese McBiscuit. McDonald’s has announced that they will start serving breakfast all day starting October 6th. The Golden Arches always knows how to win over the hearts of college students that need a little pick me up...Full Article

A Dollar That’s Worth Millions For one Texas coin collector, this may be his new reality. He owns a 1794 silver dollar from the first batch of silver dollars ever made here in the U.S. There are only 150 coins of its kind, and his is one of the three best preserved. The auction isn’t until the end of September, but there has already been pre-auction bidding of over $2 million bucks…so I hope the next time you see a loose coin on the street you think twice before walking by because it might be worth picking up!...Full Article

E.T. Phone…The Bank! Hundreds of people gathered for a New Mexico dig back in 2014. The goal? To uncover old cartridges of the Atari 2600 E.T. game which was a huge flop back in the day. Now get this, online auction sales of these 80’s classics have fetched over $100K! What’s even better, the search for the games all started with a documentary released last year called, Atari: Game Over. The director’s goal was to examine why people cared so much about Atari…I guess one takeaway is that they still do!...Full Article