Investing Basics With Jessica Dauler On The Wela Show Podcast

Jessica Dauler from returns to The Wela Show to turn the tables on Matt and Eddie and ask them the questions! The guys also have some exciting news about something coming this February. Things are about to get real...

Jessica then dives into her questions, and the first one is great for anyone getting started with saving for retirement but who's still worried about the currently volatile stock market.

This group then explores the benefits of having a financial advisor.

Things then get a little more personal as Jessica gets the scoop on the guys' backgrounds and what led them to join the financial industry.

Jessica then shows her bargain-hunter side as she asks the guys if she should wait until a stock price is low to purchase or if it's okay to purchase something that costs more like a share of Google. The answer may surprise you.

If you're curious how Matt and Eddie find their information, then be sure to listen as they dive into what resources they study and look for to be better investors.

Jessica then asks, "What would tell someone in their 50s who is just starting to save for retirement?" Eddie reaches for a Chinese proverb while Matt says to set realistic goals.

Then they wrap things up by talking about expectations for people meeting with a financial advisor for the first time. How much does it cost? What are the minimums?

Take a listen. Here's to creating more Wela!