How To Cope With Stock Market Volatility

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Mitch Reiner, co-founder of Wela, COO of Capital Investment Advisors and Matt's brother, joins Matt on the show as Eddie takes a Saturday off. The guys dive into the crazy stock market action that's been happening over the past week and discuss how to cope with stock market volatility. Their secret? Don't panic.

Listen to hear why it doesn't make sense (or cents) to try and time the market. You won't believe the amount the stock market jumped up in just five days between 2009 and 2013! Imagine if you'd tried to sit on the sidelines then...

The guys then tell us the story of the worst investor ever (who's thankfully made up). If you'd like to read the story they're referring to, just click here.

The guys wrap up the show by talking about saving. When you want to panic about the market, instead focus on what you can control... how much you can save!

Take a listen, and if you still have questions about what to do during market volatility, shoot us an email. We're always here to answer questions.


Part 1

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Part 2

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