Wela Whip For The Week Of August 24, 2015

You Thought You Had It BadThe recent market volatility hasn’t been fun for anyone. But especially those that are the wealthiest of wealthy. On Monday, during the recent market correction, the world's wealthiest individuals lost $124 billion dollars. We are talking ten figures here! And that was after a week where they saw $184 billion wiped away! Does my Fidelity log in even have enough space to show numbers like that?! ...Full Article

McFlopper That's how Burger King is feeling this week. After an attempt to merge two famous burgers and create peace among burger chains, Burger King came out with the idea of selling a McWhopper for one day... Peace Day. And it was going to be in the ATL! They went as far as buying the URL www.mcwhopper.com. McDonalds' response to the idea... "We could do something bigger." And with that comment, McWhopper.com is now available to buy again!...Full Article

Ashley Madison…More Like An Imaginary Friend? An article released this week reported data from the recently hacked, adultery-promoting website that 32 of the 37 million active users were in fact males. One of the stats pulled from the article, “11 million men initiated chats with women, about 2,400 women … who may or may not have been Ashley Madison employees trying to keep the customer base happy by flirting.” In fact, the second most popular IP address used to create profiles was from Ashley Madison computers. I guess the internet is full of lonely, married men with credit cards!...Full Article

Another Billion In The Uber Bank Uber announced this week that it just closed a $1 Billion dollar round of funding for its Uber China branch. This values UberChina at $7 billion…and growing. For instance, just nine months after launching in Chengdu, Uber has 479 times the trips it had in New York after the same amount of time! China is the largest market outside of the U.S. and at current growth rates will surpass the U.S by year-end…seems like there are still some very bright spots in the Chinese marketplace!...Full Article