August 22nd 2015: The Money Revolution By Wela

On this week's radio show, the guys first talk about the stock market volatility currently underway that might make you question your current investment strategy. Hear how Matt and Eddie suggest you handle troubling times like this. (Here's a hint, it doesn't involve panicking.) Technology is continuing to become smarter and easier to use, but would you let a robot invest your money? The guys dive into the background on robo-advisors and talk about how these work and why they don't always work for everyone. Learn about the robo- and financial advisor hybrid, digital advisors, which give you the convenience of a robo-advisor and the personalized advice of a traditional financial advisor.

Deciding how much you need to save for retirement ultimately depends on your spending gap. Hear how the Wela team defines and finds your spending gap.

The guys the give you their "loose change" - fun facts that the guys have collected over the last week. This week's loose change includes  some different facts about the stock market's performance over the last couple of months.

The guys then say, "Just do it." They're not talking about Nike, though. Getting started with investing sometimes involves jumping through mental hoops. Listen to why Matt and Eddie believe that advisors can be helpful when getting started.


If you have questions you’d like the guys to answer on the radio, just call 404-367-9478 either before or during the show. Then listen in on Saturday to hear your answer!

Take a listen and start your money revolution.

Part 1

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Part 2

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