Wela Whip - TV Is Small Beans… Apple’s Getting The Keys to The Car, The Chicken Uber, Should We Buy or Lease? Does My Cubicle Make Me Look Fat? Free Starbucks Coffee Every Day Of The Year

TV Is Small Beans… Apple’s Getting The Keys to The CarPeople may be focusing on Apple releasing a TV, but Apple is already focusing on bigger things. A recent report from The Guardian suggests that Apple is moving quickly in creating a self-driving car. They've recently poached executives from car companies like Mercedes Benz, and they already have a secret office for this team. Apple clearly wants more than just a TV. Do you think Apple will make their cars so we have to buy a new one every year to stay up to date with their innovations? Seems expensive! ...Read More

The Chicken Uber Farm-to-table with convenience is making its way to your backyard. That’s right, a company is now allowing you to rent hens and keep their eggs. They provide the coop, water, food, and two to four hens for you. And you get them for four months at a time! Now you are able to get your dog a new friend while also satisfying your belly in a truly organic way for an easy $400. Winner winner, chicken (eggs) for dinner!...Read More

Should We Buy or Lease? This week, 25 cars, all owned by an anonymous Florida collector, were sold by RM Sotheby's in a standing-room-only sale as part of an auction in Pebble Beach, California. The sale total of $67 million beat the previous record for a collection from a single owner of $65 million. The top car by sales price was a 1964 Ferrari 250 LM that went for $17.6 million. Do you think Jay Leno was on hand placing bids?...Read More

Does My Cubicle Make Me Look Fat? More and more employers may actually be answering “Yes” to that question. In 2013, 2,000 firms gave employees fitness trackers. Just one year later, during 2014, that number went up to 10,000.  BP, yes the gas company, has given out over 24,000 fitness trackers to its staff, and participants are given fitness goals of one, two or three million steps each year. By 2016, the U.S. software firm Autodesk, who also holds fitness challenges for their employees, predicts that most large companies will be giving out fitness trackers. So now you won’t have to feel bad giving your significant other a Fitbit. Their company can do the dirty work for you!...Read More

Free Starbucks Coffee Every Day Of The Year… But at what price? This particular coffee drinker has gamed the system in order to get a free coffee every day of every year. In the article he’s referred to as Mr. X, and Mr. X has registered 365 times for a Starbucks card…one for each day of the year. This goes beyond gaming a system and probably should fall under the category of stealing. Yes, Starbucks coffee is expensive but there are better ways to save your cheddar!...Read More