Podcast 41: The Wealth Behind Social Media With Sonja Williams

This week we're exploring the business behind social media with Sonja Williams, one of the founders behind Go Getters Group, Inc. They're an Atlanta company that works with small to mid-size companies on their social media presence. Before launching into social media, though, Matt gives us his first headline of the week.

Sonja then goes through the lighting round, and we learn a few different things including her favorite tip on working with family. (She co-founded her company with her husband!)

The guys then dive into the more nitty gritty questions of business and social media.

Sonja gives her thoughts on why it is that companies need social media and which is her favorite. Hint - it's not Facebook...

Then the guys ask the question that any entrepreneur needs to know... what should a business do when first setting up their social media channels? Apparently it's all about the purpose behind the channel, and hear why Sonja says to not just give the social media to an intern.

Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed! Here’s to continuing to help you create Wela!