Wela Whip - Alphabet now allows Google to, well, Google, PawSquad To The Rescue! Target Gets Gender-Neutral, The Best Frequent Flier Perk Ever! This Millionaire Lives off $60K Per Year

Alphabet now allows Google to, well, GoogleGoogle Inc. is reorganizing into a holding company that gives its main web operations greater independence while offering investors more visibility into ambitious plans to expand new businesses including health and internet access. So all that means is Google can Google, and Alphabet will do everything else...think driver-less cars, curing disease and controlling your thermostat at home!...Read More

PawSquad To The Rescue! It's like Uber for dogs! Well, not exactly but this new start-up allows pet owners to sign up for a 20-minute Skype-like video conversation with a vet without having to put their pet into an animal carrier and transport it to the nearest clinic. In Uber-esque fashion, PawSquad's plan is to build their database like Uber to allows vets with spare time to sign up and, after a face-to-face interview and credentials check, earn additional money from home....Read More

Target Gets Gender-Neutral Target announced Friday that it is eliminating gender-based signs in some of its departments, a change prompted by social media backlash over separate aisles distinguishing toys for girls and boys...Read More

The Best Frequent Flier Perk Ever! Free flights and first class upgrades are taking a backseat to this new airline perk. Delta Air Lines is now bumping its best customers off commercial flights entirely -- and onto private jets. To be eligible for the upgrade, fliers must have at least 125,000 miles in travel and $15,000 in annual spending with the airline. The bump costs an extra $300 to $800. This may be a perk even George Clooney (remember the movie Up in the Air) is jealous of!...Read More

This Millionaire Lives off $60K Per Year Nope, that's not a typo...Ryan Broyles, a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions supports his family on an annual budget of $60,000 per year. That's impressive considering his contract is worth over $3.6 million. In a world where we hear about endless athletes going broke and blowing hundreds of millions, this player is setting a different trend. He says that the rest of his money is going into investments, retirement savings, and securing his post-football future. In fact, in an effort to increase his savings as much as possible, he even takes advantage of the NFL's matching 401(k) plan. This story needs to be on the front of every sports page, but I guess it's not devastating enough!...Read More