August 8th 2015: The Money Revolution By Wela

This week on The Money Revolution By Wela, Matt and Eddie ask the question, what does "wealth" mean to you? Not everyone has the same definition. We love Warren Buffett and admire his method of investing ... but what if we don't want to invest the exact same way that he does? What if we're looking for newer industries or more risk? How can we protect ourselves? The guys have the answer for you here.

Matt and Eddie then outline the steps that most people can take to reach $1 million in savings. Why? Because (let's be real) we all want to know exactly what it'd take to get there.

Matt and Eddie then discuss the GOP Debate from last week as well. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump so far?

The guys then look at something so risky that insurance companies don't even want to offer insurance on it anymore... long-term care. If you're interested in reading some of Len Penzo's blog that Matt and Eddie mention, just click here.


If you have questions you’d like the guys to answer on the radio, just call 404-367-9478 either before or during the show. Then listen in on Saturday to hear your answer!

Take a listen and start your money revolution.

Part 1

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Part 2

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