Wela Whip - Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus… And Robots like Venus, That’s One Chewy Chicken Leg, $180K for a Baseball Card? Forget Football Camp…Send Your Kids to “Start-Up Camp”

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus… And Robots like Venus
That’s what two Oxford researchers found when studying the future of automation in the workplace. Depressing to both men and women is that they found that 47% of all jobs will be done by robots in the coming decades. However, jobs that are performed by men are more likely to be automated. The professions that are typically held by women aren’t as easily performed by a robot. Unfortunately, it seems that it took robots, not humans, to figure out workplace equality...Read More 

That’s One Chewy Chicken Leg
Well, this chicken likely won’t make it to your plate, but if it did it would be chewy. A Massachusetts chicken was born with a torn tendon in its right leg. Now it is undergoing surgery to amputate the leg and get a prosthetic leg. How are they creating the prosthetic leg? With a 3D printer! So does this mean that the need for doctors is on the decline, and all we need to mend our wounds is a 3D printer?! 3D printing companies sure hope so!...Read More 

$180K for a Baseball Card?
And it’s not just one player. A rare pre-Civil War baseball card that includes The Brooklyn Atlantics entire team sold at an auction in Chicago this week for almost $180K. This card was handed down as a heirloom within the family of one of the ballplayers, Archibald McMahon. The card, which was sold to an anonymous buyer, had remained in Archibald’s family for more than 150 years. See mom, I told you we should keep all those shoeboxes in my closet!...Read More 

Forget Football Camp…Send Your Kids to “Start-Up Camp”
EXPLO Startup is a program for middle and high school students at Wellesley College outside Boston.  The idea is to give kids the skills they need to launch a business including preparing pitches and how to land seed money from investors. EXPLO Startup is in its third year and is extremely selective…and extremely expensive. Two weeks will run you $4 grand! There are only 14 students and they come from all over the world. I wonder if they still tell ghost stories around the campfire?...Read More