Podcast 39: Listen Money Matters Talks With The Wela Show

This week the guys bring the hosts of Listen Money Matters to The Wela Show to talk about podcasting and financial education. Listen Money Matters is currently the #12 investing podcast on iTunes, so Matt & Eddie pick Andrew and Thomas' brains about what it takes to create a great podcast.

First, though, the guys find a shared love of good liquor. Hear what Eddie considers the best bourbon.

Matt and Eddie then ask, why podcasts and why finance? Andrew and Thomas talk through this growing popularity of podcasts, and where they see podcasts going in the next five years. Learn why these guys love this versatile media.

Then hear how the Listen Money Matters guys decide on the content they talk about during their podcasts. They also give their secret to growing a podcast following... be your own weird self.

Take a listen, and learn about the power of podcasting, and why financial education is so important.

To learn more about the Listen Money Matters guys, click here.