Wela Whip - Facebook Is The Secret To Love, Down By The River On A Friday Night… For Just 22 Bucks a Night, Whole Foods Really Is Sorry, A Six Figure Income…from Instagram? Millennials

Facebook Is The Secret To Love 
Or it could be your demise. Log in and post a picture of you and your significant other... then repeat daily. That’s apparently the secret to a successful relationship. At least that's what a study from the University of Wisconsin says. Researchers found that those who (annoyingly) post pictures of themselves with their significant others were more likely to be deeply committed to each other. I guess the new saying should be a picture a day keeps the divorce away!...Read More 

Down By The River On A Friday Night… For Just 22 Bucks a Night 
Yeah, and it could be a really nice river in New York City. AirBnB, the company that has raised over $2 billion in venture capital funding, now has listings for RVs to compliment the traditional home, apartment or condo listings. A recent listing for New York City is for an RV in Long Island City, and it’s only $22 a night. Reviews suggest a good stay in the van. The next avenue for AirBnB has to be forts built by 10 year-olds in the Hamptons for 10 bucks...Read More 

Whole Foods Really Is Sorry
In an online video released this week, the co-CEOs of Whole Foods apologized for overcharging their customers. They said, “Straight up, we made some mistakes and we want to own that.” They also said the charges were unintentional, and that the company will refund customers for the full price of any product that has labeling errors. Hope you’ve kept your receipts!...Read More 

A Six Figure Income…from Instagram? 
That’s right, Josh Ostrovsky, the comedian better known as "The Fat Jew," found fame through Instagram and Twitter. And now he is charging brands $6,000 a pop for a shout-out on his social media accounts. With over 5.2 million followers, his advertising income could be several hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Ostrovsky says he could make a lot more, but he wants to keep creative control over his content. You gotta appreciate a true artist...Read More 

Millennials <3 Snakes
Time recently put together an article with a list of 10 things that millennials buy more often than anyone else, and some of the items just might surprise you. While millennials still aren't spending their money on houses or cars, they are apparently spending it on things like their pet snakes...Read More