Wela Whip - Break Out The Cuban Cigars, Superheroes And Hangovers, Go Set A Record, Life is short. Use better security. Improve Your Poker Face

Break Out The Cuban CigarsThe U.S. and Cuba are finally warming up after the Cold War. As of Monday, the U.S. is officially on Embassy terms with this country that’s just 90 miles away. We’re not exchanging friendship bracelets just yet, though. We’ve still got an embargo in place, and you have to get a Visa to travel there. If you’ve been itching to get to Havana, though, your chances are looking a lot better now. Read More


Superheroes And Hangovers This weekend had two interesting movie releases with Ant-Man and Trainwreck. Ant-Man came in first at the box office with a $58 million opening. While that sounds like an impressive amount, it’s actually the lowest Marvel movie opening since The Incredible Hulk in 2008. Don’t feel too bad for Paul Rudd, though, since the movie was still #1 at the box office, MCU is now 12 for 12 with #1 openings. Trainwreck came in third place at the box office at $30.2 million, but that’s actually way above predictions. Schumer will hopefully be gracing the big screen more often now. Read More 


Go Set A Record… …the alternative title for Harper Lee’s follow-up novel for To Kill A Mockingbird. While reviews have come in mixed on Go Set A Watchman, Nielsen BookScan announced that this novel set a one-day sales record for adult fiction by number of units sold. In fact, HarperCollins has said it's the fastest-selling book in their history. A new recipe for author success: write a classic + wait 55 years + release the follow-up book. Read More 


Life is short. Use better security. The notorious infidelity website Ashley Madison has had some security issues this week. While the site claims anonymity for users, hackers apparently found that even after purchasing the $19 full delete option the site still has clients’ information from their credit cards. The hackers were apparently so upset about this that they’re threatening to publish names and salacious details about the clients unless the website shuts itself down. Divorce lawyers everywhere are salivating. Read More


Improve Your Poker Face Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan business school believes that poker theory and analysis can be applied to investment management and trading… so they made a class on it. That’s right, a poker class. The best part - it’s a free online course that you can start today! Learn the basics and build up to calculating your odds using statistical probabilities. It is MIT after all. Read More