Podcast 37: Dan Lucas Talks Business Finances

The guys are back this week, and they've brought Credo Financial Services Founder and CEO, Dan Lucas, onboard to talk about business finance. First, though, the guys talk about market corrections. Some news outlets are saying that it's time for a market correction... but how does the timing for our current bull market stack up against past expansions?

Then the guys really get into the weeds with Lucas. Credo Financial is a company that other companies can hire to work on various areas of their financials. This means that Lucas has seen the books for many different companies, so he's able to share with us some areas in finance that entrepreneurs often overlook.

Lucas gives us the some of his best rules of thumb for people getting their business off the ground. Along with a better understanding on how business valuations are put together.

Lucas also gives us a tax tip for entrepreneurs... and you might be surprised by what he says.

We've got Coupon Carl back this week, and he's got a great deal if you've been wanting to visit the Windy City. Matt also brings us his favorite headline of the week which shows how Apple just can't win in the news.

Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed! Here’s to continuing to help you create Wela!