July 19th 2015: The Money Revolution By Wela

Important news for those who listen on Sunday mornings in Atlanta. The Money Revolution is moving to Saturday mornings at 8 am on WGST. Tune in at this time starting next week! Now on to the show. This week Matt is back in the studio! He and Eddie kick things off by talking about one factor that always seems to impact how you invest... emotions. Hear how you should handle your feelings when investing.

The guys then jump into the three different types of investors. Not only do these types determine how they invest, but also how much they pay to invest. Listen in to learn which group you fall into.

ETFs are one of our favorite investment vehicles, and it turns out that one of the sharks from Shark Tank also sees the value in them. Learn which shark has actually created their own ETF now.

Lastly, the guys ask, "Is college a bad investment?" There are some experts that believe so... Listen to learn why.


If you have questions you'd like the guys to answer on the radio, just call 404-367-9478 either before or during the show. Then listen in on Saturday to hear your answer!

Take a listen, and start your money revolution.


Part 1

[audio mp3="https://blog.yourwela.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/MRWGSTShowPart1-07192015.mp3"][/audio]


Part 2

[audio mp3="https://blog.yourwela.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/MRWGSTShowPart2-07192015.mp3"][/audio]