Wela Whip - I Know What You "Like," How Many Millionaires Are There? Depends On Who You Ask, Go For An Energizing Jog, Up, Up And Away, Meet Ya At The Bar Ole Blue Eyes

I Know What You "Like" 
Facebook announced this week that their next big endeavor is getting into the minds of their users and knowing what they like before the user knows it themselves. This coming on the heels of Facebook eclipsing Walmart in value. From a marketing standpoint, this will take Facebook to the next level. Look out Apple, Facebook has got their eyes on you!...Read More

How Many Millionaires Are There? Depends On Who You Ask... 
It's no secret that the world creates new millionaires each and every year. So when the question is asked, "How many millionaires are there?," you would think the answer would be pretty consistent. Not so! Based on this new article from CNBC different research firms use different criteria to create their millionaire lists. Some include the value of real estate while others leave it out, listing only investable assets. My question is, if you own a $1 million home, but have no other money for food, are you really rich?...Read More

Go For An Energizing Jog... 
Ampy, a new technology that uses your body's motion to create an electrical current that actually charges a lithium-ion battery, has just released a mobile battery pack that will charge your phone while exercising. This could actually extend the life of your phone up to five hours. It's like a FitBit for your phone! So if you don't like to constantly battle a low battery... Or the scale... now you have extra motivation to get moving!...Read More

Up Up And Away... Airplanes Aren't The Only Things That Are Soaring 
Prices seem to be too... Yep, several major airlines are getting investigated by the Department of Justice under the suspicion that they have collaborated to keep prices artificially high. Makes us want to say, you're grounded!...Read More

Meet Ya At The Bar Ole Blue Eyes 
Is it just me or does listening to a little Sinatra put you in the mood for a cocktail? Turns out that science might tell us this is no mere coincidence. According to a study from the University of Vermont which looked at a correlation between eye color and alcohol consumption, they found that blue-eyed individuals are more likely than their brown or green eyed companions to drink to excess. I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places... Like the bar...Read More