June 28th 2015: The Money Revolution by Wela

This week on The Money Revolution by Wela the guys kick things off by talking about Greece. We thought they had come to a resolution on how to keep from defaulting on their debt, but then we heard via the Prime Minister's Twitter account that things just weren't working out... So what does that mean for us as investors? The guys also find a surprising and scary statistic about most emergency savings. The guys talk through how you can use TSL to give your budget some TLC and more cushion in your emergency savings account.

Finally, the guys want you to know that when you're buying a house you'll most likely need to make a decision that could cost you $100,000... but it's most likely the most financially sound decision.

Learn about the above and more by tuning in for this week's Money Revolution by Wela!

Part 1

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Part 2

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