Wela Whip - Pay For Pages, Another Facebook “Like,” It’s All About The Kids, The $100 Million Health Kick For You… You Are Worth It! Taylor For President

Pay For PagesWith this new idea coming out of Amazon, authors better create some interesting reads… or they won’t be paid. Yeah, this could be devastating for some authors as Amazon is going to start paying self-published authors based on the number of pages read. This is instead of being paid on books sold. One catch is that pictures on a page count towards the page being read. Looks like we will either get some real thrillers or huge picture books!...Read More

Another Facebook “Like” This one comes from the owners of Facebook stock. They are liking the news that Facebook has now eclipsed Wal-Mart in market share. Based on the most recent price of Facebook, Zuckerberg’s company is now larger than the one Sam Walton built back in 1962. It took just over 11 years for Facebook to eclipse the size of Wally World. This is one of those deals that Wal-Mart can’t really discount...Read More

It’s All About The Kids That’s what a new app called Shuddle believes. They don’t want the kids to feel left out during this Uber revolution that so many of us have been consumed by. So, now Shuddle shuttles kids under 18 around town. It’s their private driver. If parents can’t get their kid to school or soccer practice, no problem… just Shuddle it. Times are a changing, and we just hope that these drivers instill the seat belt policy as much as our parents would...Read More

The $100 Million Health Kick For You… You Are Worth It! Papa is preaching the right tone for many. That’s Papa Johns of course. The company is spending $100 million a year to clean up their menu and the ingredients in all of the items on that menu. They have recently removed MSG and trans fat from its garlic sauce. Papa has its eyes on fourteen more ingredients that will be eliminated by the end of 2016. The shift to more natural foods is happening, but it takes some time...Read More

Taylor For President Based on how she is able to enact change, this may not be a bad idea! Taylor Swift let Apple Music know her feelings about artists not getting paid during their users' free trial, basically telling Apple it was wrong. Seventeen hours later, Apple changed their tune saying they will now pay artists during the free trial. That’s some clout girl! Spotify refused to balk at Taylor Swift when she pulled her killer album “1989,” but Apple didn’t. Spotify hasn’t been hurt, but will Apple benefit from the change? Time will tell, but it can’t hurt to please the Queen of music!...Read More