Podcast 33: Have Bigger Pockets Using A Better Mortgage With Steve Quarles From BrightPath Mortgage

Eddie and Matt welcome in Steve Quarles to the show, and they are talking real estate. With rates staying low, they delve into when the heck they will move higher. Is now the right time to buy a house? And what type of credit do we need to buy a house? Steve also talks about what type of loan makes the most sense for individuals. Should you be taking out a 15-year mortgage or a 30-year mortgage?

Also, the guys talk about one of the recent headlines in the news with what is going on over in Greece. Matt gets on a quick soap box that has others vying for him to go over and make a change in Greece.

Eddie comes through with a past favorite for Coupon Carls corner. In the news, Matt explains how couples aren’t talking about their finances and why this is causing stress.

Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed! Here’s to continuing to help you create Wela!