Podcast 32: $hopping $mart With Jessica Dauler

This week's show is Coupon Carl’s dream! Matt and Eddie have one of the best bargain hunters in the city on the show, Jessica Dauler of jessicashops.com. The art behind a good deal is explained and what actually makes a good deal is talked about. Also, Jessica gives out what she believes to be the best deal in Atlanta. Coupon Carl was like a kid in the candy shop!

Matt also talks about the winners and losers that will come when the Fed begins to raise rates and what that means to you and me.

Coupon Carl tries to keep up with Jessica with a life hack to help you keep up with your deals. And Matt talks about Fitbit and how it is about to be more than a company that just tracks your fitness.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed! Here’s to continuing helping you to create Wela!