Wela Whip - Lulu Is Going Boo Hoo, Welcome Back Jack, A Wela Prospect? Spot on… for now, Does It Get Any Fatter Than This?

Lulu Is Going Boo HooThat’s after the founder, Chip Wilson, decided to sell all his shares in the company. It looks like his own shares and shares he owns via his wife and two investments firms, will all be sold. All said, he will be selling 14.2% of the company… which is worth around $1.2 billion. I don’t believe that the Wilson family is pouting after this one. Before issues arose last August Wilson owned 28% of the company. In less than twelve months, he will own 0%. I’m sure others are pleased to know the founder is so confident in the stock...Read More

Welcome Back Jack Twitter announced that CEO, Dick Costolo will step down as of July 1st… and the stock went soaring! Up almost 13% at one point after the announcement, which highlights that investors are excited about the replacement, co-founder Jack Dorsey. His appointment as interim CEO signals that the company is focusing on improving its product after a slew of leadership changes in the past five years...Read More

A Wela Prospect? Earlier this week an NY Times article came out about Senator Marco Rubio’s personal finances…on one end we’d like to introduce him to Wela, our platform that could help him get organized and make better financial decisions…but on the other end, it revealed that Senator Rubio resembles more of his constituents than he does his peers. To be fair, the Times was looking for dirt to drag him through. Should a shaky financial household preclude him from being a presidential candidate? That’s a tough argument to make when you look at the current state of our country’s finances...Read More

Spot on… for now Are you listening to Spotify right now? We are. This company that provides us all the great tunes (except for T-Swift) is now worth $8.5 billion. This announcement came just days after this other announcement some people may have heard of… Apple Music. Apple’s efforts to make money off its purchase of Beats Music has led them to enter the streaming music space. Spotify may have just raised $526 million from investors… cool. Apple has nearly $14 billion sitting in straight cash money! That’s some stiff competition...Read More

Does It Get Any Fatter Than This? No, we’re not talking about the “P H” kind of fat either…Pizza Hut has announced that its bringing hot dog crusted pizza to the U.S. This isn’t a brand new product either, a few locations in Canada and the United Kingdom serve this type of pie. The pizza features 28 mini hot dogs wrapped in pizza crust and affixed to the edges…I guess this is better than the initial UK version of the product where a single hot dog is roped around the entire pie! I have one idea for a target market, college towns late at night after the bars close down...Read More