Wela Whip - If At First You Don’t Succeed, Fi-Fa-Fu-Fum, Stuck In Traffic? Call The Uber “Copter,” WTF… Why The Photobomb, Got An Extra $2M Laying Around?

If At First You Don’t SucceedTry, try again! That’s the lesson Charter learned this week as they announced plans to buy Time Warner Cable for a whopping $55 Billion. Charter’s offer of $195.71 per share represents a 14% premium over Time Warner’s closing price last Friday. An interesting point to note is Time Warner’s stock was only trading up about 7% earlier in the week signaling concerns that the deal may not get approved. After all, it was regulatory issues that put the kibosh on Comcast’s run at the cable darling back in April...Read More

Fi-Fa-Fu-Fum Soccer is finally making headlines in the US… but not in a good way. Fourteen members of the world governing body for soccer, FIFA, have been charged with racketeering, bribery, money laundering and fraud. Even two sports marketing companies have been charged. Justice Department documents show that $150 million in kickbacks and bribes could be involved… woo-ahh! Visa, a key sponsor who just signed on for eight more years at $170 million, is pulling a red card on FIFA and calling for major reform. No GOOOOAAAAALLLL for FIFA...Read More

Stuck In Traffic? Call The Uber “Copter” Well, it’s actually called Blade, but it's a new app that allows you to book short helicopter flights between Manhattan and the Hamptons and to any of the New York City area airports. Granted, there is a hefty fee (fares range between $575 - $900 per seat) but clearly the time saved and the aggravation avoided was worth it for some as Blade chartered 800 trips last summer in just 16 weeks. Take a look at the link below to see what a Blade trip looks like...Read More

WTF… Why The Photobomb We were so worried that future generations wouldn’t quite understand our headlines, but to ease our concerns Merriam Webster Dictionary has added both WTF and photobomb to the dictionary. To continue to ease our worries about future generations, just think, the internet has allowed them to understand this sentence for free… we had to pay $125 bucks for a physical copy back in the day. Mo’ money in our pocket… boom!...Read More

Got An Extra $2M Laying Around? Check out this list to see what it’ll buy you around the world. Not surprising, the least bang for your buck is actually in Manhattan…$2 mill will get you a 1 BEDROOM apartment! The best bang for your buck is a 6,500 sq. ft., 7 bedroom / 7.5 bath home in Costa Rica. Oh, and it can sleep 18 people. Take a five minute break to daydream about where you’d go with 2 “milli-stacks”...Read More