Wela Whip - Get Your Priorities Straight , LIARS, Eat Your Vegetables, Texas Shuns Tesla, End of an Era take 2

Get Your Priorities StraightPresident Obama is making sure the US Coast Guard Academy has their priorities in order. This week, in his commencement speech to people who will risk their lives to protect our country, he emphasized the real threat facing our country…climate change. Issues cited included, flooding streets in Charleston, a $200 billion dollar cost to the US by the end of the century (we’ve got some other issues that will cost this country a heck of a lot more than that by the end of the century) and terrorist groups like Boko Haram. Maybe it’s just me, but Boko Haram doesn’t sight the heat in Nigeria as a reason for their radical activities...Read More

LIARS A recent report suggests that 80% of sunscreens don’t really work or have ‘worrisome’ components. One ingredient, Vitamin A, has actually been shown to heighten sun sensitivity… um, seems like they are getting this whole protection thing wrong. Researchers have a brilliant suggestion for sunbathers this summer “wear clothing to cover exposed skin.” Here’s to rocking that Old Navy Flag shirt all Memorial Day Weekend!...Read More

Eat Your Vegetables No, this article has nothing to do with the healthiest (and least appealing) segment of the food pyramid. However, it does involve sticking to a somewhat boring but imperative discipline when it comes to your money. Yes, we do include important financial planning articles from time to time and this one is spot on. Check out this list of five reasons you can’t retire early. Or more optimistically put, five items to help increase your odds of success...Read More 

Texas Shuns Tesla This may come as no surprise but the Texas legislature voted to block Tesla from selling its cars directly to consumers. Tesla is no stranger to this roadblock as many states require automakers to sell through car dealerships. An interesting process when you take a step back and think on it. Either way, this is a battle that the federal government actually sides with Tesla on so stay tuned. Big oil companies look out, Tesla may be coming to your city!...Read More

End of an Era take 2 Leno left us first, and now Letterman has wrapped up his late night run. A new era is upon us with Fallon and possibly Colbert. But these two greats will be missed. Think about this, when Letterman’s first show aired in 1982 Mark Zuckerberg was two years from being born, Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, was nine years old, and Steve Jobs was still a year away from introducing the first ever Mac. And to buy your best friend one liter of Coke only cost $0.99. Farewell Letterman, you aren’t a Top 10 but a Top 5 ever!...Read More