Podcast 27: Joey Fehrman Hooks Us On How He Makes Learning About Finance Fun (With Pirates!)

This week we are talking about pirates and finance! Despite Eddie having to travel this week, Matt isn’t alone as Joey Fehrman joins The Wela Show to talk about financial literacy.

Joey is taking financial literacy education to another level, and has written the novel Pirates of Financial Freedom to help make it interesting to learn about important financial topics.

We dive into the book, the challenges he had writing it, and why he decided to leave a nice Wall Street job to teach financial literacy.

A lot of pirate talk is sprinkled in along the way. For instance, do you know how much money Pirates of the Caribbean made relative to Matt’s personal favorite pirate movie, Hook? Listen in to find out.

Despite traveling, Coupon Carl texted in his deal of the week. Matt takes a look at that $4.4 billion company that used to send us disks in the mail for free minutes on-line.

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!