Podcast 26: How Businesses Use Analytics To Build Wealth With Better Marketing With Allyson Kuper

This week the guys welcome Allyson Kuper who works with Bug Insights. Allyson is a consultant with the fast growing marketing and human resource analytics start up. Eddie and Matt have tons of questions surrounding big data and the future, but also what type of analysis Bug Insights offers.

Ranging from the best way to do conduct productive and actionable surveys to how all this data analysis will impact consumers in 5-10 years, Eddie, Matt and Allyson talk through these topics. It’s fun, interesting and full of great information.

And you won’t believe where Allyson is from… you likely have not met someone from there!

Coupon Carl strikes with an opportunity to spend time in the nice weather and hear some great music, while Matt takes a look at the companies with the best paternity leave…. You won’t be able to guess some of the names.

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!