Wela Whip - Tesla's Fun With The Sun, Bad News For America’s Future, Where Exxon Beats Apple, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, How Do You Finish Your Day?

Tesla's Fun With The Sun Musk is great at keeping us guessing, but he seems to have tipped his hand to show his larger goal for Tesla. It's not just about the cars. Musk revealed on Thursday two new Tesla products: a solar-powered "home" battery and a much larger solar-powered "utility scale" battery. Ultimately he’s working on developing a system whereby solar-powered energy is generated and stored for use in all areas of life. Don’t believe it? Check out the $5 billion battery factory that he’s building in Nevada...Read More

Bad News For America’s Future A new report has been released by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) which shows that American millennials are badly lagging behind the rest of the millennials around the world in numeracy, literacy and problem-solving skills. This could mean trouble in the future for America in the global economy. This is based on data further explained in the article, but the “experts” are only able to speculate on the reasons behind the skills gap…which brings to mind a famous Will McAvoy scene...Read More

Where Exxon  Beats Apple Apple is the world’s most valuable company in many regards…but, despite the drop in oil prices, Exxon is still the largest dividend payer. With an annual rate of $12.2 billion in dividends paid, they clipped Apple by about $200 million. So Apple pays $12 billion. Still pretty hefty...Read More

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather With the most anticipated bout since Ali first faced Frazier set for this weekend, we’d be remiss not to prep you for the event. From Pacquiao spending $3 million on tickets for his legendary entourage to an inside perspective from fighters who’ve lost to Mayweather (that’s all of them by the way…Mayweather is 47-0) this weekend’s fight is expected to shatter boxing’s pay-per-view record. The fight is set for Saturday May 2nd …Check out the link below to see where the $300 million that Pacquiao and Mayweather will split comes from...Read More

How Do You Finish Your Day? Whether you read, journal or drink, having a night-time ritual is an important part of a healthy routine. Check out this list to see what 12 successful people do before going to bed each night...Read More