Podcast 25: How To Move From A Corporate Job To A Dream Job With Kevin Peak From CaJa Popcorn

This week local Atlanta restaurateur Kevin Peak from CaJa Popcorn joins Matt & Eddie in the studio to talk about making the entrepreneurial leap from a corporate job to a dream job. The guys kick things off with a quiz centered on our favorite snack and Kevin's specialty - popcorn!

Then the guys dive into the deeper questions, and talk with Kevin Peak about what inspired him to move into the restaurant industry. Kevin talks about some of the fears that he had to overcome, and tells us what he believes is a key element to making the entrepreneurial leap successful.

We also dive into the foodie side of Atlanta! Kevin tells us what he believes it takes to make a restaurant successful, and where he see the future of Atlanta's food industry moving. Tell us if you agree with Kevin's thoughts on the organic movement by tweeting using the hashtag #WelaShow.

Lastly, Kevin gives the guys some insights on how he has grown his company and brand in the last few years. Along with the best piece of financial advice he's ever received.

Coupon Carl shakes things up this week with a deal that's sure to excite you if you're planning to hit the Buckhead Triangle this weekend. Matt has found the 13 most ridiculous tweets from teens deciding on which college they want to attend next year. Talk about some drama...

Take a listen. Here's to continuing to create Wela!