Wela Whip - Regulators to the Rescue!?! Mama Raised You To Know Better, Hummus First and Now Ice Cream, Can This Wait Until Halftime? And Speaking of Sarah Blakely

Regulators to the Rescue!?! It sounds funny to say, but that just might be the case here since Comcast announced they are withdrawing their $45B bid for Time Warner Cable. This would have created the largest, by a long shot, cable provider in the U.S. reaching over 30 million cable and internet subscribers. Can you imagine the wait time at the call center for a giant of that size?...Read More


Mama Raised You To Know Better

Or at least we hope. Starbucks, however, is banking that she didn’t. They’re selling a $50 dollar gift card for $200 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. $50 for $200. Sure it’s metal with a ceramic finish and floral etchings but this just doesn’t add up. So now it costs $200 dollars to get $50 so you can pay $5 dollars for a $2 dollar coffee. It’s starting to make sense again...Read More


Hummus First and Now Ice Cream…

Sabra recalled 30,000 cases of hummus earlier this month due to possible contamination with listeria, a very dangerous food-borne illness.On Monday Blue Bell ice cream issued a similar recall and now, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams of Ohio has done the same thing. To put listeria in perspective, the CDC estimates that about 380 people die of salmonella every year, which translates to less than 1 percent of about one million annual cases. About 260 people, or about 16 percent of about 1,600 cases, die of listeria every year. So less common, but more dangerous. Consider this your public service announcement...Read More


Can This Wait Until Halftime?

Well apparently not. The Hawks announced Wednesday during the first half of their playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets that the team has been sold for a reported $850 million. A group that includes Grant Hill (who drinks Sprite), Sarah Blakely (who founded Spanx) and entrepreneur Jessie Itzler (Sarah’s hubby and former rapper) are all part of the new ownership. Let’s hope the Hawks make the $850 million look like a bargain in the NBA playoffs...Read More


And Speaking of Sarah Blakely

The Spanx founder has reportedly sold her Manhattan condo for $30 million. A nice profit considering she purchased the place for $12 million in 2008. Who says the housing market hasn’t come back?? Oh and by the way, Sarah invested just $5,000 to start Spanx at age 29...Read More