Podcast 24: Smart Things To Do With Your Tax Return

Tax season is past us, phew! Now it’s time to have some fun, and Matt & Eddie are always about having fun. Given that you probably now have a tax refund in hand (80% of Americans are expecting a Federal tax refund this year), what do we do with that refund?

Yeah, the guys stick to true form this show. They are providing you with some financially sound ideas along with some fun ideas.

Before they get into the meat of the show, Matt & Eddie spend time recapping some stats from this year’s tax season. Did you know that 60% of Americans use professionals to help them with there taxes?! Do you know how many pages the US tax code is? This one will surprise you.

Eddie makes a big Coupon Carl announcement, and Matt talks through the dream of what it would be like if Tesla and Google were one.

Take a listen! Here’s to continuing to create Wela!