Wela Whip - Need To Boost Employee Morale? Buy 1 Get 1 (Or 7) Free, If We Could Just Make More Money, Medical Marijuana Comes to Georgia, Atlanta Hawks in the NBA Finals?

Need To Boost Employee Morale?Try modeling your organization after this credit card payment processing firm. The Seattle based firm, Gravity has just announced that it's raising minimum wage for ALL employees to $70K per year. The CEO is also moving to $70K a year after making $1 million last year to help make this financially possible for the rest of his team. This is in addition to an unlimited vacation policy, which was already in place, after completing just one year of work. Ping pong tables in the office might not cut it anymore...Read More

Buy 1 Get 1 (Or 7) Free… Jos. A. Bank is largely known for their “buy one and get a multiple of that for free” deals that seem to occur every other day. The men’s clothing retailer was purchased last year by Men’s Warehouse for $1.8B, and CEO Doug Ewert says these deals are no longer sustainable. Read more here, but be sure to stock up before the final sale really is, well final!...Read More

If We Could Just Make More Money… …then we’d be able to save!” It’s safe to say those words have been uttered by just about everyone who has ever worked, and even those who haven’t worked. However, a recent survey shows that even wealthier Americans are struggling to save. One third of households with income of $75K or more live paycheck to paycheck. Check out the article to see why...Read More

Medical Marijuana Comes to Georgia House Bill 1, known as “Haleigh’s Hope Act” passed and took effect immediately on Thursday. Now, people who suffer from one of eight listed illnesses may possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil (with proper authorization of course). Check out this article for six facts to know before meeting with your dealer...Read More

Atlanta Hawks in the NBA Finals? Not to speak too soon or jinx the team, but Mark Bradley lays out a nice case for it in the article below. Either way, it’s exciting for Atlanta to see their hoops’ team playing so well. After setting a single season franchise record for wins they’ve drawn the Brooklyn Nets in the opening round of the playoffs this weekend. Tune in Sunday @ 5:30 to catch Game 1...Read More