Wela Whip - Harry Potter Boosts Real Estate, The $2B Start-Up Nobody Knows, A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned, Oil Swallows Up Its First Hedge Fund, In Other Hedge Fund News

Harry Potter Boosts Real EstateIn Orlando and the surrounding areas in Florida this is most certainly the case. Where foreclosed homes once lingered, empty and dilapidated, the Orlando area of Pine Hills is seeing newfound demand for real estate. These homes make up the highest share of Orlando home sales since 2011…the secret sauce? Nope, not Butter Beer…it’s jobs! The theme park expansions have brought record numbers of tourists...Read More

The $2B Start-Up Nobody Knows Domo, a Utah based data management start-up, swore 1,000 customers to secrecy in an effort to avoid tipping off prospective competitors. This brilliant idea has proven to be successful as the company’s revenue run rate is $100M and has seen 150% revenue retention…yes, that means Domo customers spend more and more each year. Learn more about Domo here...Read More

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned We’ve all heard that saying but most people don’t subscribe to it. We walk past coins on the ground all the time without picking them up. In fact, according to this article, we don’t even bother to keep up with the coins we do have. Would you believe that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) collected $674,841.06 in 2014 from money left behind at airport security checkpoints? Yes, almost three quarters of a million dollars were left behind in an effort to “hurry up and wait” for the gate agent to call Zone 3...Read More

Oil Swallows Up Its First Hedge Fund Kamunting Street Capital is closing its doors due to a bet on energy junk bonds over the past year. This former $1B hedge fund is one of the first to shut down due to the oil crash. Hedge fund founder, Allan Teh, says one of the firm’s largest investors pulled its money as they were no longer interested in the strategy used...Read More

In Other Hedge Fund News…  Stuart Leaf, founder of Cadogan Management, and his wife, Claire Silberman Leaf, a philanthropist and former lawyer, are selling their Brooklyn Heights penthouse apartment for $32M! Yes, that’s the most expensive condo on the market in Brooklyn. The reason (no, he didn’t make a huge bet on oil) is that it’s “just a little bit too spread out.” That may be a first when it comes to New York real estate. Good news, the article includes photos of the place...Read More