Podcast 23: The Hidden Costs When Budgeting For Your New Home

This week Eddie and Matt get back on the housing train! They take a look at two of the more overlooked areas of owning a home: Filling it with furniture and maintaining the house. Yeah, these may not be the most exciting topics to save for or even think about when buying a home, but these guys know how to turn that around quickly. They actually go through the list of top 10 items people give to new home buyers… and they blow Matt away! Eddie gets quizzed on the different costs associated with purchasing a house that you often don’t think about, and we’re talking a lot deeper even than the furniture!

There are all these rule of thumbs to use for maintaining your house, but do any of them actually make sense?! Then what about furnishing your home? This can be quite the burden, but Eddie provides the one piece of advice that everyone should remember when buying a home.

Coupon Carl comes to the rescue, providing some time for listeners to plan for how they want to use this deal. Matt takes a look at which mega millionaire won a charity bracket to be able to donate over $300,000 to a charity. And they got all Final Four teams correct.

Take a listen! Here’s to continuing to help you create Wela!