Wela Whip - Tired of Cable? Apple to the Rescue! Money Talks, Maybe? Here’s One Diploma Worth the Price of Admission, Is The Third Dress Really Necessary? April Fools on the Trading Floor

Tired of Cable? Apple to the Rescue!This is a long-time coming for those of us tired of dealing with cable companies. Apple has announced they are working on a web-based TV service with about 25 channels to be released this Fall. Granted, there is still a monthly subscription and it will still require internet, but Apple will be so much more pleasant to call/email with service issues! Read More

Money Talks, Maybe? Billionaire Bill Ackman has challenged famed Wall Street lawyer, Marty Lipton, to a debate on the topic of activist investing. Lipton is an outspoken critic of the topic, and Ackman, well if you haven’t heard about him it’s worth spending 15 minutes learning about him. He’s offered to donate $1 Million to NYU if Lipton will agree to the debate. Lipton is quoted as saying “There is no way on earth I would debate Mr. Ackman…You know how I feel about him. It would be beneath me.” Wow! Hopefully for NYU’s sake he will re-think that stance...Read More

Here’s One Diploma Worth the Price of Admission With all the scrutiny over student loans and the competitive job market, this story seems to make any amount of debt worthwhile. However, it’s not about the money (which can reach upwards of $500K right out of college!!) for many of these Stanford grads...Read More

Is The Third Dress Really Necessary? Even with Pinterest's overwhelming number of pins with budget ideas for weddings, we're continuing to see the average cost of weddings grow. This year they're clocking in at over $31,000 in the U.S. according to TheKnot.com's latest study. To put that into perspective, the average U.S. household income is just less than $52,000. The latest "necessities" that are adding to the bottom line include: travel, a third dress (because a dress for the ceremony and a dress for the reception just aren't enough) and drones for pictures. While we understand it's an important day we just ask that you make sure that your marriage lasts longer than your credit card bills for the party...Read More

April Fools on the Trading Floor You can be certain that pranks were flying this week on the trading floors of Wall Street but, as with everything else in this PC world, they were probably much tamer than they used to be. Take a look at this slide show to see a list of pranks that old school traders recalled from their days on the floor...Read More