Podcast 22: Tax Season Secrets

13 days and counting… that’s it! And hopefully you have your taxes prepared. Yup, this week Matt and Eddie are talking taxes. Although we are nearing the deadline, we still have some time to find some savings. Eddie and Matt review a couple of things to remember and to help possibly lower tax burdens this year or in the future.

Also, have you ever wondered where all your tax dollars are going?! Matt and Eddie take a look into where the money from the budget is going… and Eddie was actually surprised at the findings. Let’s just say this, the first two take up nearly 50% of the budget and the top 5 take up almost 90% of the budget!

The sun is starting to shine and the trees are starting to bloom and that is why Coupon Carl headed to some brunch coupons. Take a listen to find out where you can go to get a little boozy brunch while taking in this great weather.

Matt takes a look at some possible gambling tax law changes that may be coming down the pipeline. It seems to prove the point, yet again, that the house always wins!

Take a listen! Here’s to continuing to help you create Wela!