Wela Whip - Buffett’s Getting Kraft-y With Heinz, NASA Is Twinning , Two Buck Chuck Under Fire, Tweens In Mourning, Sweet Ride Bro

Buffett’s Getting Kraft-y With HeinzEveryone’s favorite stock market gigolo is bringing together some of our favorite childhood foods. Buffett is teaming up with the Brazilian group, 3G Capital Partners, to bring together Kraft and Heinz to form the food power couple Kraft Heinz. Now ketchup, Oscar Mayer, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Lunchables and Velveeta are all owned by the same group. While we all have fond memories of these food, Americans realized a few years ago that all-processed everything isn’t necessarily healthy, so these companies have seen declining revenue. Now the question is, with their powers combined will they be able get back to the top of the food chain?...Read More

NASA Is Twinning Today NASA astronaut, Scott Kelly, is teaming up with a Russian astronaut to head to the International Space Station and live there for 342 days. That’s twice as long as any U.S. astronaut has ever stayed on the space station! NASA is sending him up there to learn more about the impact on the human body during long-duration spaceflights. They’ll be using his twin brother, Mark Kelly, as a control. We’re not sure which twin pulled the short straw on this one. Live in space for almost a year, but be there without your family. Or stay on Earth with your family while your twin brother breaks records. Tricky… In the end humanity wins because this research will hopefully help us eventually send astronauts to Mars...Read More

Two Buck Chuck Under Fire A lawsuit was recently filed saying that many inexpensive California wines contain levels of arsenic in excess of the legal limit. Arsenic is apparently pretty common, though. Enough so that it’s also in our water. In fact, water and wine are held to the same standards for the amount of arsenic allowed. Now the wine reps are saying that people should be drinking a lot more water than wine. Granted, anyone who has been to a Tour De Franzia party knows that sometimes that’s just not realistic...Read More

Tweens In Mourning Zayn Malik, a member of the popular boy band One Direction, announced earlier this week that he would be leaving the band. This was announced on the band’s Facebook page, with Zayn’s reason being that he wanted to live like a normal 22 year old. So far he’s doing a great job since most 22 year olds we know are also trying to figure out what they want to do with their careers. One Direction fan girls have decided to film their reactions to this news and post it to the internet for us all to enjoy...Read More

Sweet Ride Bro Okay, but really, we wouldn’t mind jumping behind the wheel of any of these cars. Business Insider apparently took a spin around Goldman Sachs parking garage in Hong Kong, and clearly these guys are doing okay. What’s interesting is that BI points out that most senior bankers hire chauffeurs, so does that mean these are the lower level guys’ cars? To complement this beautiful show of luxury cars, the author added quotes from or about Goldman Sachs’ dedication to helping the world around them...Read More