Podcast 21: Making Personal Finance Fun With A Trivia Extravaganza

This week Eddie and Matt dive back into some common questions listeners and clients have been asking. And they go back to a fan favorite with some Jimmy Fallon esque thank you notes. The only difference is that this go around the guys try to incorporate what has happened throughout the markets this past quarter into the thank you notes.

Instead of going the mail bag version, the guys answer questions while also playing a little trivia. Some of the answers may surprise you, but cause for some great conversation.

What percentage of people do you think have a will? Or do you know how many people saw 0% or negative returns last year, while the markets were up double digits? Both answers will surprise you, and also help us learn some valuable lessons with regards to financial planning and investing.

Eddie comes with a coupon geared towards making the male listeners a bit better dressed. Matt tries to mute the masses that believe solely in internet tv and not cable as we know it.

Take a listen! Here’s to continuing to create Wela!